Monday, January 3, 2011

Year in Pictures, 2010

There is so much to say about 2010!! I've missed some significant events over the past couple of months, so I thought instead of trying to catch up, that I'd just do a little year in photos. :)
It's amazing how blessed our family is. I'm blown AWAY. :)

January - After weeks of being snowed in, we retreated to Coco Keys for a sanity break. 
Annabelle got to take swimming lessons with her bestie. She still asks if she can go again. :)
Kurt surprised me with a dozen roses for Valentine's Day.
February - Celebrated Bestie's birthday.

February - Kurt's first surprise party! Celebrating his 30th :)
March - Braved a vacation to Disney World. 
March - Celebrated Alex's 9th Birthday

May - Last Day of School!!
May - Dear friend's wedding in TN. So grateful to have been there!
June - Hillsong Concert with the Worship Team. SO GREAT.
June - The kids went to the Renaissance Fair.

July - Crazy Summer Fun :)
Started Summer Classes at Regent University

4th of July!!
Summer - New relationships with special friends. :)
July - Howland Family Reunion

July - Celebrated the arrival of sweet Eliana
July - Celebrated Anna's Bestie's 4th B-day

August - Went to visit my dear friend and it turned into a Lake Vacation! 

August - First day of School! 2nd and 4th grades!

September - Got to work on the awesome Lifegate CD recordings.

September - Scouting in full swing
September - more camping out with scouts

October - Celebrated 10th Wedding Anniversary with Kurt

October - Fall Party with amazing friends. :)
November -  Moved into our new house!!
November - Killer CD release concert at Lifegate

November - Terrific visit from an amazing friend. :)

November - Playing games with family on Thanksgiving Day

November - Celebrated Annabelle's 5th Birthday

December - Celebrated Isaac's 8th Birthday

December - Great ending to a Great Year

Twas the Night Before Christmas