Monday, November 1, 2010


The kids did well last night. They love to get all dressed up and visit Grammy's neighbors to show off their costumed cuteness. Of course, Kurt and I will be eating candy for the next nine months...

We also had a fantastic fall party with some very dear friends. I'm not a party planner - I have very little gifting in hospitality - but fortunately, I have surrounded myself with brilliance.

I've been pretty wrung out with everything going on, but I love my friends and I love my family, so I got myself out the door. It was a good weekend... And those that have known me for any length of time know what a miracle that is.

Celebrating with my family and friends.... It's All Worship.


  1. You all look great! Love Isaac sorting his candy. :)

  2. we're pretty fond of you too. proud of how far you've come.
    i really enjoyed your family being over. thanks for fighting to stay a part of our lives.

  3. @ Angie - Thanks! He's got some organization in there, I just need to tap into it. :)

    @abbEy - I wouldn't miss it. <3